Michael MacIsaac


     On the morning of December 2, 2013 at approximately 9:50 am, Michael MacIsaac entered his wife's home office unclothed, feverish, muddled and irrational - this behavior was abnormal and represented a drastic departure from Michael's baseline.

Michael had been ill since Saturday morning (November 30th) with an unidentified virus that provoked multiple grand-mal seizures. 


     As there is no prior psychiatric history and substance and alcohol use were not significant - as Michael did not use drugs OR drink alcohol.  The behavior Michael exhibited that morning can only be associated with * post-ictal phenomena.

     As he tried to prepare himself for work, his wife Marianne ( in an attempt to keep him home ) began to pull the clothing from him as he stumbled to dress.  Eventually through their struggles Michael broke free and ran - still naked - into the frigid winter morning.

     As can be expected there were multiple calls to 911 - After approximately 25 minutes in the cold - Michael made his way back to Dring Street - only 7 houses & around the corner from his own home.


At 10:23:30 am Constable Brian Taylor arrived, yelled to Ron Nino (aka - man in black truck)

At 10:23:38.5  Shots Fired ... One action - one second - that has forever changed the lives of so many


  • The postictal state is the altered state of consciousness after an epileptic seizure. and is characterized by, confusion, picking at clothing or trying to remove them, walking about aimlessly, and other disorienting symptoms.  There can also be a strong urge to peregrinate.