Witness Officer # 2 - PC Mark Brown (MHA / Officer)


 SIU Investigative Conclusion:

 So at this point another two officers, as they are stopping their vehicles, as they are seeing   the first officer get out of his car.  So, as they are pulling up, they are seeing the first officer   on his way out already at this point.  So they are there, but they are not out of their vehicles   yet.  Okay?

 The third officer that was on scene, was actually a mental health officer.  The third officer.   So the officer’s arrived in sequence, 1, 2, and 3.  The officer in the third vehicle was actually   a mental health officer he arrived in time to unfortunately see Michael get shot.


It happens very quickly, there was a mental health officer present, but the sequence in which the officers arrived was very short and the shooting happened also very quickly.

When the first officer was in the process of firing the shot the second officer was just getting out of his vehicle and the third officer just got to the scene. 

OIPRD Statement


It seems quite clear that PC Brown is NOT being honest with his account to the SIU / OIPRD / DRP Gen. Occur – as it can be proved that none of the events described by him COULD have possibly happened AFTER he requested radio silence (10-3) because the shots HAD already been fired by PC Taylor …. Why then was he not charged with obstruction justice?

Obstructing justice 139 (1) Everyone who wilfully attempts in any manner to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice in a judicial proceeding, is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, or  an offence punishable on summary conviction.



When Cst. Brown requested radio silence – 10-3 … it was 3 seconds AFTER the gunshots were fired !!   And yet, he places Michael ON the porch of 7 Dring – 45 ft from PC Taylor!!








Michael (affected person) did NOT say anything – as verified by 911 call and witnesses






Cst. Taylor did NOT yell anything to Michael OR identify himself as police !!  As confirm by Forensic Analysis of R. Nino 911 call



NO commands were given !!!



No Pause as indicated by PC Taylor




10-3 Radio Silence – was requested 3 seconds AFTER the shots were fired



FOI / DRP General Occurrence Report


Not According to SIU?







Again … Michael is placed on the porch of 7 Dring St. when officers arrive – 45 feet away from PC Taylor !!!



“Yelling” …. “Screaming” …. Why are neither heard on the 911 audio??





GPS shows CST. Brown arrived on scene @ _____________ - and shots were fired @  __________.

Yet, CST Brown places Michael on the porch of 7 Dring when he arrives on scene … and, from his position – he also had an obstructed view.




Mark Brown … SIU

  • 2nd witness officer ONLY arrived in time to see Michael be shot






PC Taylor





Mark Brown FOI Stmt.

  • Place “Naked Male” on porch of 7 Dring





Mark Brown OIPRD Stmt

  • Cst. Taylor 20 – 30 feet from Michael

  • Michael on porch of 7 Dring

  • Both Michael and CST Taylor in street before shots fired

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