SIU - Special Investigations Unit 




                  We claim that the SIU Investigation                    into Michael MacIsaac's shooting                      death by DRP Cst. Bryan Taylor, was                         NOT "independent" "Impartial"               OR "unbiased". In fact we





While I feel that INDEPENDENT Police Oversight is EXTREMLY important - it should strive to build trust between the police and the community - and lets face it - what other options do we have when a police officer is being investigated for a possible crime ... we can NOT trust police to investigate themselves.

So while we DO need an independent oversight body - we can NOT have an oversight body that refuses to second guess the police version of events AND is made up of over 80% ex police officers.

This agency costs us ... you and me .. tax payers approx. 8 million dollars a year.  so WHEN the SIU decides in favor of an officer in these cases they MUST be able to demonstrate to the public that the shooting / death was lawful - necessary and  consistant with the officers training.

In Michael's case we complained directly to the SIU many times via email and official letters ... and one of those letters was 17 pages long... pointing out the inconsistancies in their investigation - we also met with the OIPRD and the Ombudsman's office ... BUT as it turns out victims and victims families can NOT question the SIU.  They (SIU) do NOT have to answer any of our questions .. AND - in sheer frustration we even filed court documents suing the SIU for a negligent investigation.  Well, guess what .. again, victims and their families ALSO have NO right to sue the SIU for negligent investigation because they - the SIU - are NOT responsible to us.  But, any police officer who is the target of an investigation by the SIU SOES have the right to sue them for negligent investigation.

So right from the start of an SIU investigation things are leaning in favor of the Subject Officer (s) because at the end of the investigation they HAVE to answer to the police and not us.  

So I can personally assure you - when you go up against the police OR any police oversight body this is where our justice system grossly loses it sense of balance.

"Outcome focused NOT Evidence Focused"