The Coroner Inquests

     As a result of the NOW 66 deaths of people in crisis that were identified by the Innocence Project - 43 Coroner’s Inquests were conducted, of which 31 have expressed concern about the adequacy of training and have made recommendations for improved training in interacting with the mentally ill.

In addition to -12 official reports commissioned by various levels of government that discuss the inadequacy of police training and how to improve police interactions with mentally ill individuals, including reports completed by Justice Iacobucci and the Ombudsman of Ontario.


These reports ALL make similar recommendations for crisis intervention and de-escalation training for police.

     Yet there continues to be inaction on the part of government to implement any change - even thought countless Coroner's Inquest Jury's and multiple "independent" reports (comissioned by Gov't) repeatedly highlight the NEED for training amendments that focus on and emphasize de-escalation and crisis management.

Since 1979 at least 66 people who were OR may have been mentally ill have died as a result of their interactions with police officers in Ontario Alone !!