We claim (and clearly demonstrate below) that DRP Department and it's officers were far too involved in this investigation for the SIU investigation to be considered either "independent" or "unbiased"; and that DRP were more in charge of the scene than the SIU. 


In the 40 minutes from the time the shooting occurred until the time the SIU were notified:

     1.)   DRP had multiple officers assigned to the scene to assist

     2.)   The subject officer was transported back to 19th Division

     3.)   DRP Officers were dispatched to Michael and Marianne's home

     4.)   Additional DRP units were called in for traffic points

     5.)   Witnesses were removed from the scene and taken to DRP Station

     6.)   DRP Association was contacted on behalf of the subject officer (CST.                  Brian Taylor)

      7.)  the 2 witness officers (Cst. Mark Brown & Cst. Jeff Williams) were                        removed from the scene and taken together to West Division

     8.)   DRPO were assigned to maintain the crime scene (both interior and                    exterior)

     9.)   DRP FIU (Forensic Identification Unit) was requested to the scene








     10.) DRP Chief and Deputy Chief were notified of shooting

     11.) Inspector Ross in DRP Major Crime Unit was notified of shooting and                  also notified that DRP would be conducting a Section 11 Investigation 

     12.) DRP assigned two homicide detectives to assist with the domestic                      assault investigation

     13.) DRP Ident Units were collecting video and photos that would be 

     14.) ETC .... All BEFORE DRP notified SIU of the police involved shooting !!

   With the speed of modern technology - and the options available to DRP, we question why it took almost an hour to notify the SIU?


   The SIU can NOT engage in "joint" investigations with the very police force they are investigation and they can NOT negotiate control of the investigation.

   The SIU lacked "rigor" and were reluctant to insist on DRP co-operation.


     The "Power" of investigation MUST remain with SIU to avoid any conflict of interest!  And MOST importantly, the investigation ...