Morning of Dec. 3rd  DRP Canvassed the streets around the area of the shooting looking for video and/or photos of the shooting


Police Services Act 267/10

Section 13 (public statements)

           5.)           The SIU shall be the lead investigator in the investigation of the incident and shall                                    have priority over any police force the investigation


    At about 9 am on the morning of December 3, 2013, I was on the phone with Jon Ansell of the SIU complaining about the fact that he had gone on national TV and made comments about things he had no knowledge of. 

    This was already a very heated discussion – but, in the middle of it – my cell phone rang and my sister in law was screaming and crying; apparently, DRP Officers were outside canvassing the streets around the area of the shooting and knocking on all neighbours doors – looking for photos and or video of the shooting.

    Immediately this information was relayed to Jon Ansell and he told me to tell my sister in law NOT to open the door for Durham Police and that he would get people there right away to have DRP leave the area.

    In addition, Michael’s niece in law, who also lives on Unsworth Cres – which is the same street as Michael - told DRP on the afternoon of Dec 2nd (when they were canvassing the area and streets for the first time adjacent to the shooting) that she had a security system but it was not working properly.  The next morning DRP called and advised her that officers were coming to her house to pick up the security video and were also bringing a technician. 

    SIU (Winslow Taylor) Re: DRP Searching street Dec. 3rd,13


    Winslow: I’m not going to touch that search warrant issue alright but what I will tell you is                       that when I had the ability to stop something that was going on - I believe it was                       yourself - who called me I did what I could do. Right?  Everything else you can                           take up with the proper complaints….




DRP Detectives Joel Melnick and Sean Samuels were canvassing the streets around the location of the shooting on Dec 2, 2013 looking for witnesses, photos and/or video.  We were provided their cards by people that live on the street and whose doors DRP knocked on.


OIPRD Response:




    We feel that the liberties taken by Durham Regional Police are completely the fault of the SIU … the tone had been set – the boundaries or LACK of boundaries had been established very early after Michael was shot.  Durham Police had taken charge of the investigation – and the SIU not only accepted it, they allowed it to continue.

ONLY when our family called to complain – only then, did the SIU have DRP leave the scene.


    Why was it necessary for DRP to have their command center & FIU – Forensic Identification Unit on scene ?

    We claim that by appearances and in their actions Durham Regional Police and NOT the SIU were in charge of the scene and investigation

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