DRP Service performed a warrant-less search of Michael & Marianne's home



Late afternoon on Dec. 2, 2013 @ approx. 2:30 pm - three DRPS uniform officers (PC Griffin (#3665), DC Lenaerts (#3070) & DC MacLean (#653) entered Michael and Marianne’s home WITHOUT a warrant OR legal permission and searched the residence - ALL WITH SIU INVESTIGATORS JUST AROUND THE CORNER !! 

.  The caregiver for Marianne's ailing father was the only one in the home at the time and would NOT have been able to legally grant permission

They took photos, searched house top to bottom and intimidated the caregiver - As she (the caregiver) was feeding Mr. Madjarian she began to hear knocking at the front door – as she was putting the lunch aside the home phone started to ring.  She decided to go to the door first and when she opened it there were 2 DRP officers there.  One of them was on his cell phone and asked her why she had not answered the phone.  They brushed by her and continued into the house.  They went directly upstairs - She could hear drawers being opened and closed and photos being taken.  The officers also went into the basement. 

The actions of the officers made her very afraid and they never explained what they were doing in the house – she was too afraid to refuse them entry and or ask them to leave.

SIU Response:

We - Michael's family - complained to both the SIU and the OIPRD about the warrant less search - again,responses below - we were met with -  what we recognize now – to be the typical, misleading, “blue colored” response when accusations are launched against police officer’s and/or a police force in Ontario. 

SIU (Winslow Taylor) Re: absence of DRP search warrant   


Winslow:        I’m not going to touch that search warrant issue alright but what I will tell you is that                                 when I had the ability to stop something that was going on I  believe it was yourself who                           called me I did what I could do, right? everything else you can take up with the proper                               complaints….


OIPRD Response:














   The caregiver was not the homeowner and did not reside in the home - DRP officer’s knew this – therefore, she had no legal right to provide consent for DRP to search the residence.

     The “warrantless” search was taking place at the same time Michael was in surgery, fighting for his life & while two DRP Homicide detectives, were at the hospital speaking with his family – apparently, the same officers who gave the instruction for the search – as they were sitting in a room with Marianne and myself … why didn’t these officers ask Marianne directly for permission to search her and Michael’s home?

DRPS Warrantless Search - SIU Response
Proof DRP Officers WERE in Michael & Marianne's home and searched the RESIDENCE