Notification of Michael’s shooting was NOT done by SIU–but by DRP

     Although Notification of Michael’s shooting is listed as a responsibility of the SIU, on their own website - and is quite a simple task - Notification of Michael’s shooting was NOT done by the SIU – but, rather by members of Durham Regional Police – even though the SIU were just up the street from his home.















SIU:  response

Joanne:     isn’t one of the responsibilities of the SIU to notify the family?  And why did Marianne, who                     was finally told by Durham Police, say she saw you standing in the street, why didn’t you                         give the notification? 


Winslow:   I can tell you what happened in the notification, k, agh firstly odds are you didn’t see me in                     the street - k but what I will tell you , this is what happened so we were notified agh I was                         briefed I start driving down the road, when I was driving down the road I have a specific                           recollection in which I had a conversation with the inspector who was with Durham and                           one of the things we ask is first of all is the person deceased do you know the status of his                     person where is the family  etc. I specifically remember being told at this point that family                       was on the way to the hospital


     This might seem insignificant – but it goes to our claim that Durham Regional Police and NOT the SIU were in charge of the scene and the investigation.  At the very least it illustrates that DRPD was far too involved and granted far too many liberties as this was an investigation into a shooting by one of their officers.

Family Notification of Shooting - Winslot Taylor (SIU)