Witness Officer #1- PC Jeffrey Williams


SIU Investigative Conclusion:

So at this point another two officers, as they are stopping their vehicles, as they are seeing the first officer get out of his car.  So, as they are pulling up, they are seeing the first officer on his way out already at this point.  So they are there, but they are not out of their vehicles yet.  Okay?


Jeffery Williams FOI Stmt

  • Observed nude male by front porch of 7 Dring on arrival

  • Michael in front if his cruiser at time of shots

  • PC Taylor at rear of his cruiser


When the first officer was in the process of firing the shot the second officer was just getting out of his vehicle and the third officer just got to the scene. 


Jeffrey Williams .. SIU

  • Only arrived in time to see shots fired




Jeffery Williams OIPRD Stmt.

  • Affected person naked on front porch of 7 Dring

  • At time shots fired Michael between his and Taylors vehicles

  • PC Taylor exiting driver side of his cruiser



OIPRD Statement


Cst. Williams did NOT remain inside his vehicle – we have his voice on the 911 R. Nino call



PC Williams (witness officer – 2nd on scene) places Michael on the front porch of 7 Dring when he arrives



Cst. Taylor did not say anything to Michael – let alone “YELL” …. This is not true.





GPS shows CST. Williams arrived on scene @ _____________ - and shots were fired @  __________.

Yet, CST Williams places Michael on the porch of 7 Dring when he arrives on scene … and, from his position – he had an obstructed view.









PC Williams (Witness Officer) places Michael on front porch of 7 Dring Street – and he arrived just after PC Taylor (Subject Officer)


FOI / DRP General Occurrence Report


We can prove PC Williams did not stay in his cruiser and lock the vehicle doors !!  As we can hear his voice  on the 911 call and can prove he was out of his cruiser at about the same time as PC Taylor – also, photos prove his cruiser door was wide open




PC Taylor did NOT yell anything to Michael – as confirmed by analysis of R. Nino 911 call




PC Williams cruiser – 2nd to arrive – exited and left cruiser door open